CYC Coaches Training Program

Attend a Protecting God’s Children¬†workshop. ¬†CLICK HERE for dates, times and locations of the PGC workshops.

  • Beginning with the 2014 CYC Basketball Season ALL Coaches/Managers (head coaches and assistant coaches) must take the Coaching to Make a Positive Difference class. This 2 1/2 hour course is now only offered online. CLICK HERE to go to the online training course.
  • Obtain a CYC ID Card, which can be done on-line or in person. To obtain your card online go to the CYC ID Card web site.  You will need your coach’s id # to complete the online ID card process.  This number is on your certificate that you can print after you have completed the CYC Coaches Training Program.  Your information is transferred to the CYC ID Card database within 24 hours of you completing the course.  You will need to wait the 24 hours before you can apply for your card, as your number will not be recognized by the system until then.
  • Have a Missouri Background check done every 2 years.  Paperwork for this will be filled out when you attend Protecting God’s Children Workshop.
  • Sign and return to your parish the Code of Ethical Conduct.  Paperwork for this will be started at the Protecting God’s Children Workshop.

These are Archdiocesan requirements, that the Catholic Youth Apostolate-CYC Sports program fully supports.  You should contact your parish for details on these requirements and/or copies of the forms.